Customer Reviews

easy to install wall mounted wine racks

Peter Schulz, President of the Winemaker's Federation of Australia

"They look amazing, such a perfect solution to replace dodgy old wine rack systems! It has already caused a little excitement amongst friends on Facebook. They really are fabulous, and we adore them!"

- Great packaging

- Mounting aid is a miracle device

- Easy to follow instructions

- Anchors are excellent




Jaime Derringer, Executive Editor at Design Milk (via design-milk)

"I knew that anything designed by Eric Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Lab was going to be awesome, so when I had the opportunity to get my hands on some STACT modular wine holders, I jumped at the chance. Although we’re in an apartment awaiting completion of our house, we still wanted to install one of these bad boys to create more counter space.

This past weekend, we finally cracked open our STACT box and hung it up. It took about 10 minutes using nothing but a drill. Living the apartment life, we don’t have too many fancy tools, so it was a relief we didn’t need anything complicated to get it up on the wall.

The packaging was really nice and there weren’t too many parts. From walls of wine for serious collectors to a small square or two for those of us who like to enjoy a bottle every now and again, STACT offers versatility and style to all levels of wine lovers."                    Full review >



stact wine racks with shai deluca on cityline

Shai Deluca-Tamasi, CityTV personality & interior designer (on CityLine show)

"Yay! I love this product!"


Anthony Carrino, host of HGTV's Cousins on Call (via Instagram)

"We are all obsessed. More beautiful in person. Love the thought that went into this."


John Colaneri, host of HGTV's Cousins on Call (via Twitter) 

"Check out what we have installed in our kitchen at the firehouse! We love the product!"


 ramsin khachi on the marilyn denis show






Marilyn Denis - Host of The Marilyn Denis Show

"So cool! Perfect for condos."


Ramsin Khachi, Interior Designer on The Marilyn Denis Show

"I love it! Beautiful."


Jordan Iverson - HGTV award-winning home builder (via facebook)

"STACT is our favorite wine storage brand and was the perfect fit in this dining room corner to display a few bottles of the owners wine and add a pop of color."

heritage vines custom wine cellars x STACT wine display




Jackie Youngberg - Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars

"We did a show last weekend, we took many types of samples and created a nice display. Here it is.....the STACT Wine Racks were the biggest hit of all."


Mythili O. - Apr 13

"We’ve just taken delivery of 6 STACT panels, in Oak and Gunmetal Grey. I wanted to let you know that they are absolutely fantastic. It’s like an ever changing work of art, but with tremendous function also – win on every level!

It’s also forced us to invest more in what we’re drinking so there is more wine on its way to fill some of the empty spaces, together with some lovely Single Malts too!!!

Thanks again – looking forward to adding to our wine wall as the years go by."


Tony C. - May 1

"Mission accomplished, I fitted my STACT system this weekend. Another happy UK customer!"


Candy L. - Apr 2

"We love the look and how our STACT pieces compliment our bar area!"


Jan M. - Mar 18

"Great service."


Michael G. - Mar 14

"Where did you get that? Love the product total quality and easy to assemble / we get so many oohs and ahhs and where did you get thats? Only wish we had room to add more!!"


John J. - Mar 13

"Perfect - Looks great on the wall. Very sleek and modern. Easy to install."


Eunice K. - Mar 10

"Absolutely perfect!"


Karen S. - Mar 10

"Fantastic product. Amazing design and so easy to install Thanks STACT"


Tracy G. - Feb 27

"Love it! We bought a combination of the Stact Walnut and Pure White panels. Previously we had several smaller wine racks and this cleaned it all up giving us more wall space, more counter space, and essentially a functional piece of art. Fabulous."


Rob S. - Feb 17

"Beauty rack. Love it. Great design, beautiful. Functional art."


Henry M. - Feb 14

"Affordable, easy to install. Great product!"


Fran H. - Feb 12

"AMAZING!!! I keep getting compliments on my STACT wine rack. I love it!!"


Cheri F. - Feb 5

"Best wine storage on the market.

We were looking for some modern in our new home and the wooden wine racks were not cutting in. STACT IS BEAUTIFUL. We receive endless compliments!"


Marcos V. - Feb 2

"This is my second review of STACT, following a review from a year ago, when I had set up a 3 x 5 configuration. After some consideration, we decided to add a fourth row, bumping capacity to 228 bottles. Of course, the biggest concern in doing so is making sure that the end result would remain aesthetically pleasing, without disrupting the previous work. Adding a fourth row was incredibly simple, requiring little additional thought beyond measuring hole locations. As was the case before, the end result is a stunner that invites a lot of questions and raves. Product quality is top notch, and its simplicity a great feature."


Linda R. - Jan 26

"Fantastic! We love our two Stact wine racks. We'd buy more if we had more wall space. They are sleek, modern and functional."


Joel P. - Jan 22

"Building a small wine cellar/closet was one of the fun parts about our new house. The best part about the process was choosing and installing the STACT wine rack in it! People see wine closets enough, but when they see the colorful STACT rack, they get excited, curious and inspired - it was the final statement to our wine cellar. I’m so glad we decided to use thermal glass doors so we can see the wine and STACT rack system."

STACT customer reviews

Laurent B. - Jan 12

"Love it, it's beautiful, chic and makes our friends jealous :)"


John M. - Jan 6

"The best wine rack EVER. We love the modern aspect of home accessories and style. Your wine racks are the most stylish, modern wine racks out there. Thank you for a great design and product."


Jennifer A. - Jan 3

"Love my STACT wine racks. They are both functional and beautiful. I've received many compliments on them!"


Laura P. - Dec 28

"Love my modern new wine rack! This thing is awesome. Nothing out there like it."


Adam C. - Dec 16

"Your product is very trendy and modern. Truly remarkable customer service."


Jeffrey P. - Nov 26

"I purchased three of these on the company website, and I am incredibly happy about my purchase. The racks are well made, and truly a work of art on the wall. The wall fastening system consists of aluminum "rails" onto which the housing attaches. Each individual aluminum bottle holding "rod" attaches with a screw from behind the housing, prior to attachment. All in all, it's a stunning wine rack when assembled and mounted. I am very satisfied with my one orange rack and two piano black racks"


Jeffrey L. - Nov 25

"Wow! These racks are incredible. Well packaged, and well made, they're a work of art. Their design and function are stunning Very well done."


Kathy C. - Nov 25

"I love the wine racks I initially bought six and I decided to expand with the racks, great conversation piece :) unique and modern so far so Great!"


Ronald F. - Nov 22

"Easy and beautiful – the STACT wine racks were easy to assemble and to install. They are very well made and lend a beautiful modern look to my recently built cellar. I purchased only a few pieces, not knowing if I could trust my wine collection to these products. After seeing the craftsmanship, strength and the overall beauty of the the product, I plan on outfitting my entire cellar with STACT wine racks"


Naomi K. - Nov 15

"Very beautiful easy to use and it is design. I think this is the best wine rack on this moment, you can buy more it is like a puzzle. We have a small house and one is perfect. But in the future we could buy more to complete the furniture. It is easy to hang up and to use.


Justin K. - Nov 3

"SUPERB! 4 STACTs rest nicely on the wall. First time guests always comment. I'd love the ability to choose the color of the bottle supports and the color of the plate. Black on piano black or any other color. Could emphasize room decor/accents. Girlfriend wants hot pink plating. You can take your time on that ;)"


Leonardo C. - Nov 2

"Amazing quality and beautiful finish. Our rack is fantastic and the envy of all our friends."


Nick D. - Oct 18

"Love the STACT wine racks! Seriously, these are awesome. Someone always comments on them when I have guests over, such a great artistic conversation piece in addition to being a functional wine rack. I'm living in the typical small city (San Francisco) apt and these were the perfect pieces to add some art, pop, and function to my living room. Thank you, cheers!"


Newman K. - Sept 29

"Coolest wine rack ever! Easy to assemble and hang and look really cool in my modern kitchen. Thinking about getting a couple more!"


Veronica S. - Sept 5

"Absolutely gorgeous, modern, clean, sleek. We love it!! Easy to install too."


José - Aug 25 (via instagram)

"I'm very pleased with the customer service, quality of materials, and very easy & informative installation instructions and templates provided with each wall unit. Thank you."


Creating New Spaces Ltd. - Aug 18 (via twitter)

"We love your products!"


Christina W. - July 23

"Lightning fast shipping. Love our new STACT."


Rising Sun Landscaping - July 19 (via Houzz)

"Very happy with your product they are so easy to install and they look amazing."

Chris T. - Jul 15

"The wine rack is the first thing everyone comments on when they enter the condo. Thanks for such a great product! Couldn’t be happier."


Mike & Veronica M. - Jun 25 (via Facebook)

"Just installed. Love it. It's a really cool product. Thanks!"

Seth H. - Jun 21 (via Facebook)

"Stunning!! Went up in less than 2 hours. Hardest part was to determine where on the wall to place it. Used 6 Piano black with 2 Zebranos."


Tasmin B. - Jun 21 (via Facebook)

"Got the racks up. This was easily the least complicated step in DIYing my own bar in the dining room. Thanks for making it so easy!"


Natalya B. - Jun 11

"LOVE LOVE LOVE! We ordered 4 white, 1 grey and 1 orange. It looks absolutely beautiful on our wall. We get so many compliments. It's almost completely full of wine, which seems a little scary weight-wise, but the fixture is super sturdy. Definitely plan to buy more in the future when we have more space!"


Tarcisio B. - Jun 5

"Fantastic solution for small places, Great design."


Leah C. - May 29

"We're very happy about it because it's very stylish and easy to install. Plus, it adds a nice touch to our home."


Barney B. - May 15

"I did a fair amount of looking around on the Internet before I ran across the Stact wine racks (in a pic). These stand out like no other. They're sharp looking, very modern lines and an ingenious design. We installed the 'BlackOut' against a background of natural finish pine boards, and they look great."


Heather S. - May 14

"Have worked up to 8 but would love to have more. Easy to install and an amazing art piece."


Jon H. - May 10

"Was pleased to find the perfect wine rack!"


Marc V. - May 3

"We really love the rack and everybody asks where I got it from."


Magda R. - Apr 14

"Great Quality. Best wine racks I have ever had! Restaurant quality but creative design."


Scott J. - Apr 12 (via Facebook)

"We just got our shipment today and 90 minutes later [we had all 8 panels installed]...boom!!!"


Aaron S. - Apr 5

"Great product! Great service! Units were absolutely beautiful and of superior quality. Super easy to install. Also after a very minor shipping error, customer service was extremely quick to remedy the issue for us. Absolutely would recommend STACT to everybody."


Milton M - Apr 2

"Extraordinary! Beautiful, Practical, Helpful!"


Doug R - Mar 28

"After seeing these wine racks on Kickstarter, Uncrate, etc. it was an easy purchase decision! The result was a fresh, dramatic statement of design and functionality in my dining room. Friends came over for drinks and dinner and commented on the impressive addition to my home. I would highly recommend these wine racks to anyone looking for a modern and functional way to store and display their wine collection."


Jim Kuiken Designs - Mar 21

"We were able get the racks up in less than 1 ½ hours just before opening of the Parade of Homes. It looks amazing! Everything about your product including the packaging is 100% fantastic. I am looking forward to using this again and again.

Thanks again -LOVE THIS PRODUCT!"


Anthony V - Mar 11

"Loving the rack. Great idea and wonderful space saving wine rack. Loving it!"


Ricardo S - Mar 1

"Very nice rack! My kitchen is now complete."


Ryan D - Feb 16

"Best wine rack! Very stylish and modern. Really pleased with my purchase."


Leticia - Feb 16

"Stylish & easy! I was looking for something unique & decorative at the same time. I did a an image Google search & low and behold I found the STACT system. Immediately I said "this is it!". I went into the page & I really liked what I saw. All the reviews were great. The price was a little high so I didn't buy it right away. This Christmas we were going to host, so I wanted to have our dinning room presentable & finally get all the bottles off my kitchen counter top. So I bought . The installation was very easy. I install fixtures at work all the time so this was no problem to do it myself. The rack is very sturdy & I love it. I will definitely will be expanding it as this year goes by!"


Anne-Marie F. - Feb 14

"Super stylish and timeless product. In addition, real go service."

Adam - Feb 14

"We've ordered our kits. They look beautiful. Haven't installed yet but looking forward to it. Will add additional info after review. Purchasing was easy and customer service was excellent."


Phil - Feb 13

"I love my two orange STACT's they are brilliantly functional an look like pieces of art on my wall, also they are built to a very high standard and easy to install. I will totally be buying some more The service was first class and getting them sent to the UK was not hassle. FANTASTIC product!!"


Christian - Feb 11

"Thumbs up! Couldn't ask for better wine rack... Looks amazing and works even better!!! Thanks for taking care of my wine bottles :)"


Kirk - Feb 10

"Let me start by stating that the customer service at STACT is awesome. We needed to adjust our shipping arrangements to have the order arrive after our holiday. Jamie arranged this gladly and the product showed up literally the day after we arrived home. Jamie went so far as to call shortly after we received the racks to confirm if we had any questions or concerns with the setup/installation. Can't say enough about this kind of customer service that is lacking by so many other companies and businesses out there in the retail market. Well done!

My only other comment would be that a larger installation can be challenging for the less mechanically inclined. Take the time to read directions carefully and have the proper tools for the job. Having said that, Jamie was more than willing and helpful (via phone/video Skype) to try and help resolve issues that we had. Overall a super cool product that looks awesome!"


Milton - Feb 4

"Gorgeous, and absolutely brilliant design."


Marcos - Jan 26

"Incredible product, stunning results! We ordered our STACT wine wall and were super excited to put it up. We chose a basic 5x3 layout with an alternate color second column (very much like the example/demo pictures) and were super happy with the end result. The quality of each panel is top notch and the wall gets lots "oohs" and "aahs" when people see it. The actual installation is a bit challenging if you want to do it perfectly. I believe it took about 8 hours to get it all done, including proper alignment, mounting. After mounting the wall and filling it with the wine collection, we are already planning an expansion to include a fourth row, or maybe even 2 two more!"


Susan - Jan 10

"I bought two wine racks, one black and one orange and have stacked them vertically. They look great in my kitchen and I've had many compliments from friends!"


Justin - Jan 7

"The Piano Blacks Look Great. We had a little trouble setting these up in our apartment as we weren't sure what was behind the drywall. We had to overcome some steel behind the drywall in a few spots. Holes are made are 3/8", so we had to get it right the first time. Once they were up, we adjusted the back side screws to get everything to line up. It was a tedious process but once we got them, they have been holding our wine with style and flash. They haven't moved a bit and they look great. We'll certainly order more soon. This is just the start!"


Niels D. - Dec 27

"Very good product. Solid and high quality."


Laura, Owner at Trend Kitchen - Dec 24 (via Facebook)

"Just bought a bunch of new wine racks to grow our wine wall! Friends and wine lovers, check these guys out... their products are a lifesaver in our tiny restaurant and the color options are beautiful! I love our combination of electric orange and white at the restaurant, but I'm thinking of doing white and the grey oak at my apartment for my personal wine collection : )"


Anuphong, Owner at Thudsuan Kitchen & Bar - Dec 8

"I totally love how the wine rack turned out. Our customers love them too. It's not just a wine's an art piece."


Jeffrey - Nov 23

"Looks amazing and worth every penny!"


Angelie - Nov 23 (via Instagram)

"I absolutely love them! These wine racks totally make this space. I need to start filling them up with some amazing wine. :)"


Kirstin, Owner at Flo Interiors - Nov 6

"Ingenius and beautiful! Just as stunning in real life as it was on the website - I will be using them again for future client projects!"


Richard - Oct 24

"We wanted something stylish, practical and modern to store some wine in our small kitchen. This ticked all the boxes and looks even better in situ. Assembly was easy and the sales service was great. We would certainly highly recommend this product."


Bruce - Oct 12

"I’m so happy with the 5 piano black modules that I want to add another 5 to the wall. I have also sent photos of my STACT wine rack to all of my oenophile friends and also my mother, an interior designer in Southern California.

BTW - the wine racks survived the recent Napa earthquake that woke us all up at 4:30 in the morning! I was cringing in the bedroom, waiting to hear bottles smashing on the concrete floor of my loft, but when didn’t happen. When I checked on the bottles in the morning, not a one had moved even a bit!"


Kyla - Oct 7 (via Instagram)

"So excited about my new wine racks! Assembly Saturday was a success."STACT ratings


Marty - Oct 5

"Absolutely brilliant."


Gioia - Sep 23

"I'm so happy with my STACT, it is absolutely beautiful!!! Hope to have more in the future!"


Alessandra - Sep 19

"Our gunmetal gray units arrived and are really won-der-ful … warm compliments!!!"


Jakob R. - Aug 14

"Top class wine rack. Top quality and super stylish. Has got many compliments on them."


Carissa - Aug 5

"Beautiful. We ordered 6 zebrano panels for our clients condo. They installed easily and look beautiful! We love them, and so does our client! i would definitely order this again!"


Clyde - Aug 2

"I am thrilled with how my wine cellar turned out. Every person that stops by is in awe with how it looks and functions. I could not be more satisfied with the final outcome and well this system works. As I tell my friends, "it's beautifully STACT!"


Jenny - July 31

"It turned out as we hoped and we are really happy with it. Everyone who has seen the wine rack has been super impressed."


Lisa - July 29

"I used 6 of the squares to make a wine wall. I love it, it has a very clean modern look, and has a remarkably small footprint. It has made my wine space look way more organized and I have room for expansion if I need it.
The system is expensive, the box it came in looked very small for how much I had spent and my handyman who installed them was sceptical also. However it is totally worth it once you see it up. If you have been considering this product, don't wait!"


Philip - July 15

"Brilliant Product. Everything about the product was first rate: the quality of finish, the ease of construction, the fit.. I couldn't be happier with the product and the service."

Freshjivem - July 7 (via Houzz)

"Absolutely love this! Very stylish and chic way to store your wine collection, think of it as art on your wall. Easy instructions that make this installation very simple! Look forward to what this company will offer in the future! Very happy and satisfied customer."


Alexandre - June 29

"We love our STACT Wine Wall. It was simple to install and looks stunning on our wall. It's a sculpture in our home and a piece of modern art."


Darrell - June 17

"Everyone who sees our wine wall can't get over how cool it is and want to know all about it!! We are so happy with how it turned out in our new kitchen!!"


Aram - June 15

"I love my STACT wine wall, its simplicity and sleek design. Thank you for making my dining room complete with this amazing piece!"


Debra - Jun 15

"We mounted our STACT panels this weekend and cannot believe how great they look! Now we need more..."


Bruce - May 31

"I installed these 2 piano black modules last weekend in my loft in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco - I searched for a year to find just the right wine rack and am so glad that I waited until I came across your product! I've already recommended STACT to several of my oenophile friends, and my mother who is an interior designer in SoCal."


Papatipapa - May 21 (via Houzz)

"STACT modular wine racks are truly a piece of art for your walls. It’s modern, clean and just really cool. Great customer service, fast shipping, and super easy to install. Highly recommended."


Kate - May 14

"We have assembled the first two and love them and can't wait to hang them once we have the other two. I'm sure we will add to our collection someday when we have more space. The entire wine wall is so killer. So happy we found your product when searching for modern wine racks. Thank you again. You rock."


Candyice, 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"Thank you Lifestyle Food & STACT for giving me the exciting opportunity to trial and review this wonderful item! I have never owned or used a proper wine rack or storage system before so this was a complete eye opener at just how wonderful even just a small collection can look in your home without cluttering up too much space or looking out of place.

The quality of this wine panel is obvious just looking at it, you can see how well made it is and how long lasting it will be. It looks sophisticated and classy with an elegant feel.

Very easy to install and use, even for somebody as clueless as me when it comes to installing or putting anything together around the home!

I have been highly impressed & would definitely recommend this for any wine lover or even just to store any glass bottle you may have for easy access and unique display."


Jacqui 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"Super stylish product ! great packaging that would make a fantastic gift for someone. Great easy to follow installation instructions. The wine rack looks sleek and stylish on our wall, we had great fun deciding which wines to display !! we love this product and recommend it. installation is no problem."


Leanne 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"The stylish STACT wine rack gives the feel of a piece of art on the wall. It's thinking outside the box when it comes to wine racks. The STACT display is in clear view and love the fact that you can see your wine at a glance without going into a cabernet or stopping in a wine rack on the floor"


Tabitha 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"I love the look of this on my wall & how well it fits with my home decor. it is 1 less piece of furniture off my floor. And it presents my wines in a decorative way"


Vicky 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"As one of the lucky recipients of the stact wine rack, i found it easy to install by using the enclosed instructions. I only had one bottle of wine at the time but was really happy how it looked on my wall. I think by adding to it will make it look even more stylish. I was a little unsure how it would hold the bottles but after putting a bottle in it, it held it well. I have a couple of friends that would love one so great gifts that they can add to if want. What a great and stylish way of storing your wine.."


Denise 'Try it, Rate it' product tester (via The Lifestyle Channel)

"The product is very sleek, contemporary and does not take up too much room. It is very minimalistic in appearance and can be used in small spaces, very good for unit owners or for inside cupboards - we placed ours in an under stairs room where we store all our other wines and it has fitted perfectly.

I like the idea that you are able to put the units together in various designs according to taste and space.

My husband put the wine rack together as I found the instructions hard to follow but then again I find all instructions are usually written in a "foreign language".


Hayley - Apr 23

"Superb, thanks Jamie, really chuffed with how it looks. We've got a huge wine order arriving soon!!"


Rhonda - Apr 17

"The coolest wine racks you will ever find!!!!! Our friend from Sarasota, FL got these wine racks when he remodeled his house and they looked so modern and classy. We just had to have them too! We got the Piano Black ones and they look awesome in our family room dining area. Now with renovating the formal dining room, we want to get some more of these. They are the coolest wine racks!"


Rachael - Apr 7

"OMG we LOVE our new STACT wine storage system!!!! My husband and I installed our STACT display about a month ago, and we love it more and more every day! It is more like a beautiful piece of furniture than a wine rack. We have entertained three out of the four last weekends, and every guest we have had has absolutely loved it as well. I cannot say enough complimentary things; everything from the packaging to the SUPER easy installation instructions to the customer service has been phenomenal! Thanks, Jamie!!! Your product is AWESOME :)"


Dana - Mar 25

"We love our Stact Wine Wall Rack. We are very impressed with the quality of the product and the simplicity of mounting it. Thanks again"


Thijs - Mar 17

"The Wine Wall got to the Netherlands in good order! The manual is very clear and everything is very sturdy. Looking forward to expending our wall."


Domain Design LLC - Mar 12 (via Facebook)

"The modular wine rack by STACT is truly a piece of art for your walls. It’s modern, clean and just really cool."


Mark - Mar 6

"I could not be happier with my STACT wine wall. I bought 9 white and 3 electric orange and put together a really nice looking wall. Everyone loves it and I do too. Installation was not difficult and, best of all, I have something that fits my decor and it totally unique!"


Toby - Mar 2

"STACT is brilliant. It's 'the Apple of wine racks'. Keep up the great work!"


Veena - Feb 25

"Art on our walls! Sturdy, looking great empty, partially full and totally rammed with bottles, we love it's looks and it's functionality."


Gert - Feb 24

"Perfect modern wine wall, we love it! It is easy to apply on the wall."


Erica - Feb 21

"Wonderful, and very good service. I love it! :-)"


Mark - Feb 7

"Everything worked out great. The installation went fine and I'm very pleased with the outcome – a great and unique product and it really adds to my home. Couldn't be more pleased!"


Tessa - Feb 5

"Wonderfully constructed, very sturdy, and easy to install. Walnut slid nicely into the brackets, the black lacquer was a much tighter fit and a few times we worried about scratching / damaging the lacquer. Overall, I'm absolutely in love with the rack and it's become a beautiful, unique functional design piece in my home."


David - Jan 28

"Looks fantastic. I sandwiched a Piano Black between 2 Zebranos. Installation was very easy and well explained..."


Karmin - Jan 19

"We considered many wine "racks" & are so thankful to have stumbled upon these (piano black). They are just gorgeous, made very well & fit our style. We will definitely be purchasing more when we finish our basement. Absolutely amazing!!!!"


Larissa - Jan 17

"We truly enjoy our new (piano black) wine racks and are so anxious to continue to build on the system for our larger dinner room wall! They were easy to install and look very classy"


Philip - Jan 17

"It looks the business!! Great product and fixing instructions."


Fidias - Jan 16

"I've recently received the STACT system, I ordered two different colors, electric orange and walnut. Both are perfect, with excellent finishes. The mounting is also very simple. I'm very happy with my purchase - The Perfect Wine Rack"


The Macnabs - Jan 15 (via Houzz)

"Truly revolutionizing the wine rack world. It's more of a piece of art then simply a wine storage solution. I've installed 3 different sets of STACT for friends and clients and everyone is blown away. Very impressed at how fast they go together and how they completely modernize a space. Extremely easy to put together and the box even comes with a template for all your non handyman superstars. Also includes wall anchors, screws, and allen key. Idiot proof. Hardest thing about these Stact wine walls is keeping it stoked with wine. ha !! Well done STACT team. Very impressed"


Green Forest Builders - Jan 14 (via Houzz)

"These look really cool. I also like that the high gloss white finish we used is clearly sprayed out, buffed, catalyzed lacquer-- not some cheap thermofoil or melamine."


Onyx Development Group - Dec 20 (via Facebook)

"Without STACT this cellar would not have come to life. The quality, price, and functionality could not be touched. STACT's unique product will become a staple in my wine cellar designs."


Xander Oxman, CEO at Club W - Dec 11

"Bought some units for my buddy and he loves them....they look rad in real life."


Shona - Nov 19

"I wanted a wall wine rack to fill some empty space and to add some storage in a small urban kitchen. So happy to have found STACT (thank you internets!) Packaging Apple-esque, assembly a breeze, looks BEYOND amazing. Scheming to expand to a whole wine wall...."


Nicola - Nov 3

"The quality of the product is outstanding and [we] really enjoyed installing it!"


Ryan - Nov 1

"These things are addicting. I'm going to order 4 more."


Steve - Oct 19

"They were easy to install. Work great and are perfect for our condo. Everyone who comes into our space comments on them and wants to know where we got them."


John - Oct 19

"We are very happy with the wine rack which was delivered today. Went together easily and looks great."

Jason - Oct 8

"It holds so much wine, and it looks so damn cool. That's what you call a win/win!"


Jay, Principal at NXL Architects - Sept 17

"The STACT wine rack is not only exceptionally well designed, but channels Apple in its packaging and execution. It is simple to install, with well thought out templates ensuring proper spacing and precise leveling. Well done."


Xavier - Sept 16

"After purchasing my 1 x 3 pure white panels, I have to say that I am totally in love with them. They look fantastic in my new kitchen and they are the envy of everyone who sees them. The service I have had to date has been exceptional so I have no complaints."


Clyde - Sept 4

"A breeze to install. I can't wait to send you some photos."

CDC Designs - Aug 19

"Your product was great! Our client had a grand opening on Saturday and our designer was there and said the wine racks were a huge hit and a major topic of discussion. Thank you for making that happen in time!"

Greg Arthur, CEO at Onyx Group - Aug 13

"Stact wine displays helped me solve a wine cellar design issue with ease. Jamie Kasza and his team helped me bring my vision to reality. The functionality and real beauty of the Stact system turned the the cellar into a true piece of art which showcases the wine, quality of the materials and craftsmanship at a great value. A custom piece like this would be three times the cost of the Stact system. I highly recommend the Stact product! I definitely will be designing another wine project around Stact in the near future. I can't wait to play with the different finishes."


Kevin - Aug 8

"I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a modern wine rack solution. Its construction is solid, installation a breeze, utility unmatched, and aesthetics are simply fantastic! Customer service and integrity remain the foundation of their business model."


Vinu - July 29

"The STACT system is incredible! Everyone loves it when they walk in."


Matt - July 23

"Couldn't be happier with how it turned out!!!"


Michelle - July 18

"My husband had it up in no time looks great in the space and holds plenty of wine. May need to add on."


Julie - July 13

"The installation was flawless. Perfect functional art for our room."


Ryan - July 10

"I would definitely order them again and if I can figure out additional places to install I definitely will. They are awesome. I will send you a photo of our layout. You guys did a great job, on the packaging, instructions, design and quality control. It was well worth the wait. Congratulations.

My wife, our interior designer (who helped with the layout) and I are super happy with these and can't wait to show our family and friends."


Angela - Jul 8

"We love our STACT Wine wall. It was simple to install and looks stunning on our wall. It is a piece of modern art or sculpture in our home."


Mark - July 1

"All my friends are asking where I got the great looking wine rack though and I'm telling them all about STACT!"

Laura - Jun 9

"We are beyond thrilled with our wine racks! We just installed ours and are so happy with our purchase and will definitely be ordering more! "


Annabel - Jun 3

"They've arrived and are fantastic.
Have one up on the wall so far and love the design. Only problem is we now want more!"


Thijs - May 16

"After many weeks of eager waiting our (3 pure white) Wine Wall elements arrived today. We were very impressed by the design (beautiful) and way to assemble. easy, clever, friendly. Already thinking about buying more units!"


Philip - May 12

"Extremely satisfied. Ordered 3 x walnut and 1 x black and especially the black finish is stunning. I like that (almost) all the things in the package are to be used to set up the system, leaving limited waste and keeping the package small. Had to read the instructions a couple of times, but as soon as the first one was installed, it was very easy.
STACT is a very cool way of storing your wines, making your room look extra classy!"


Tony - May 12

"We have had many complimentary comments from friends and are very pleased with the wine rack we put in our kitchen."


Scott - May 10

"Customer support is second to none. Thanks!"


David - Apr 14

"Finally had a chance to mount the Zebra... love it! Looks even better in person. Excellent instructions, including mounting guide that really helped line things up. I started out with three Zebrano... it's transformed my dining room.

Thanks again, not only for creating this product, but for your awesome customer service!"


Wodyguy - Apr 3 (via Instagram)

"I love your product. Designing a wine cellar at my parents and pushing them to use stact!"


Coleman - Apr 2

"It is the most beautiful wine storage system I have ever seen. Everyone that sees it comments how amazing it looks. I have loaded it up with wine and it is holding strong."


Sarah - Apr 2 (via Instagram)

"We are thrilled with it. Need to get drinking because the naked racks themselves are so beautiful."


From the designer of the original iPod (nest) - Mar 30 (via Facebook)

"Avoid clutter. Decorate your walls with wine."


Matthew - Mar 30 (via Facebook)

"Interior design+Wine+Technology=WIN:)"


Tanya - Mar 30

"Beautifully designed and produced."
Jason - Mar 25

"I think STACT has (to my knowledge) the best modular wall wine rack system in the world. Nothing else on the market beats it in terms of cost, functionality, and aesthetics.

Looking forward to future products and additions!"


Ryan - Mar 24 (via Kickstarter)

"WOW is all I can say! Got my zebrano STACT kit the other day and I was blown away - even better than I had imagined. No detail was overlooked; the packaging and set-up guide was extremely thought-out and sophisticated. I know I'm not the first one here to comment about the exceptional packaging - and it isn't something I normally pay much attention to when I buy something - but from the moment you get one of these in your hands, you can just tell what tremendous attention-to-detail went into every aspect of this product. I have no trouble mentioning STACT in the same breath as brands like Apple and Dyson when it comes to the sheer level of attention-to-detail and elegant, functional simplicity that STACT captures perfectly. It has become a conversation piece already, and I didn't have to work too hard to convince a couple friends to join the club. Not only is the product great, but Jamie and his team are truly great people who deserve every accolade that comes their way. Highly recommended, through and through!"


Jason - Mar 23 (via Facebook)

"Vision accomplished. That's 250 lbs of gravity-defying wine up on drywall thanks to Jamie Kasza and his great work at STACT. If only this kind of vision could extend to other areas of the home for functionality and aesthetics!"


John - Mar 21 (via Kickstarter)

"My STACT order arrived two days ago and it has quickly found it's way onto my wall. It looks amazing! As a Kickstarter project, I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work it took to take this from concept to reality, but it's clear that attention to detail is high priority at STACT - even the packaging looks incredible! There is no question this is a sure to be a huge success for STACT.

I can now take the excess bottles I had no place to store off my counter and fill my STACT wine wall. And, since the wine wall just went up today, no one has seen it yet but there are many who are anxious to see the finished product and I have no doubt they'll be impressed. It's fantastic design element and a creative feature sure to make a statement in all types of private residences or commercial applications.

This was well worth the wait! Thanks Jamie!"


Graham - Mar 21 (via Kickstarter)

"Incredible. That's the only word I can use to describe it, and I mean it in the truest sense of the word. I honestly can't believe how great Stact looks on my wall.

I ordered six White Oak panels in the hopes that I would be able to redecorate in time for STACT to arrive, and literally two days after I finished painting, my STACT units were available. The panels themselves look *even better* in person than they did on the site; the rich wood texture of the oak comes through beautifully. I was worried that the natural grain would be overpowered but it's just perfect.

I'm very impressed with the packaging. It's clear a lot of thought went into the design; there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. The instruction sheet might seem overwhelming at first, but if you take everything one step at a time it's really easy to follow.

The other thing that really impressed me was the clear amount of thought that went into all of the individual components. Installation was easy using the template to drill the holes. My advice: take the time and use a level to make sure you get everything perfect for the easiest install all the way to the end. Also, if you use an electric screwdriver to put the actual arms on, just tighten to finger tight, and then use a manual screwdriver to tighten the last bit so you don't strip the screws.

For anyone else who picked up a multi-pack: you're in for a treat. The brackets fit together perfectly and it looks stunning from the front and the side. I'm tempted to order two more right now to get the floor-to-ceiling effect. I've tested each bracket with a variety of different bottles (including other types of beverages other than wine) and Stact was rock solid in every case. I daresay the house might fall down in an earthquake, but this thing won't.

As for reactions I've already had friends and family ooh and ahhh over it. It really is stunning both in person and in photographs. It's a sophisticated accent that takes the room up a notch in a beautifully subtle way."


Kayla - Mar 21

"My STACT Wine Wall is absolutely wonderful. Talk about a project worth funding! The descriptions and advertisements did not disappoint. My wine bottles easily slide into the sleek wall structure, creating not just a convenient holder of my adult beverages, but also a beautiful, sleek design, appealing to any visitor of my home.

And that's one of the best parts of STACT -- It's definitely a conversation piece! So many friends have revelled at my new addition and even inquired for themselves. I can't help but share the love because that's the truth -- I truly love my STACT.

Thank you to Jamie and the effort put into this Project for creating such an innovative, thoughtful and beautiful product. Definitely worth the wait."


Sara - Mar 22

"My husband and I LOVE our new STACT Modular Wine Wall system. We installed 3 units in our kitchen. The zebrano is beautiful, the installation was a breeze, and we've been able to turn wasted wall space into functional art. Thank you!!"


Matt - Mar 20

"They are up and look incredible! We've been showing them off already!"


Jeffrey - Mar 20

"I wanted to thank you for such a great product and will continue to make all my family and friends jealous of what great a gift I have given to my mom."


Peter - Mar 20

"Its arrived and up, it looks brilliant i will add to it later, a couple more walnut and a couple of orange and it will look even better !!!!!"


Matt - Mar 20

"I received my Stact order today and we couldn't be more thrilled."


Tanya - Mar 20

"Beautifully designed and produced"


Stephen - Mar 18

"I cuddle with my stact wine wall system when i go to bed."


Redfuji6 - Mar 16 (via Kickstarter)

"Definitely worth the wait. Excellent fit and finish. The mounting template is a great idea."

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