Sep 27:

Shipping update

Finally, we are back in stock!!  As promised, all orders placed to date have been shipped out before the end of the month. :-)

Orders to the USA or Canada on all in-stock items will continue to ship next business day while stock lasts at our Seattle and Vancouver warehouses.  Please refer to respective product page at time of ordering for current stock availability.

International orders typically ship within 1 week.


Sep 12:

Shipping update

We're pleased to report that all international orders placed prior to July 28 were dispatched at the beginning of September.  If you haven't received your order yet, it should be at your door within the next few days. For orders placed orders placed July 28 and beyond, please refer to the respective product page at time of ordering for current estimated shipping dates.

Orders to the USA or Canada on all in-stock items will continue to ship next business day while stock lasts at our Seattle and Vancouver warehouses.  Please refer to respective product page at time of ordering for current stock availability.

The first few units of our limited BlackOut edition are scheduled to arrive to our Seattle warehouse later this month.  Contact us to be notified for the initial release.


Aug 25:

Shipping update

Our Summer production run has now completed!  All components have been tested and inspected for quality, assembled and packaged, and are now on route to our warehouse.  International orders placed prior to July 28 are on track to ship by the beginning of Sept; for orders placed orders placed July 28 and beyond, please refer to the respective product page at time of ordering for current estimated shipping dates.

Orders to the USA or Canada on all in-stock items will continue to ship next business day while stock lasts at our Seattle and Vancouver warehouses.  Please refer to respective product page at time of ordering for current stock availability.


July 28:

Shipping update

Our current production run is nearing completion.


July 1:

Shipping update

Our current production run is expected to complete by mid/late Aug.


June 30:

'BlackOut' Edition - Sneak Peek!

STACT is about to get a new look.  Here's a first look.


June 16:

Our Latest Glass Wine Cellar


June 2:

5 Glass Cellars That Will 'Floor' You.

Lack the space for your dream cellar?  These 5 amazing wine cellars, 'STACT' in glass just might have you 'floored'.  View gallery >


May 15:

STACT Turns 2

Today we celebrate the genesis moment of our STACT modular wine wall system at Pfeiffer Lab in San Francisco, CA.  #TBT


May 14:

5,000 Likes on Facebook!

Today we welcome our 5,000 fan on Facebook!  We are feeling the love. :)


May 9:

STACT Penthouse Glass Wine Cellar Gets International Recognition

world's best luxury wine cellars

STACT is honored to be profiled amongst the world's most stunning luxury wine cellars in the authoritative book on wine cellar design which hits stores this Fall!

Take a sneak peek here.


May 2:

Rave Reviews on Aussie National TV

STACT reviews on Lifestyle Channel

Four lucky peeps scored the opportunity to test and review our STACT Modular Wine Wall system on

Australia's LifeStyle Channel.
***Spoiler alert!*** They loved their wine STACT! :)

Read the full reviews here.


Apr 23:

Launching in Scandinavia

We are excited to announce the expansion of STACT into Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  Our first shipment is scheduled to arrive to Denmark in late May.

Check out www.STACT.dk for more details.



Feb 8:

STACT x NYC Winter Wine Festival

STACT is a proud partner of the 5th Annual NYC Winter Wine Festival, held at Best Buy Theater in Times Square Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Here's a sneak peek of the ad to be featured in the program guide. For more info on this event, go to nywinefestivals.com.

$129 each. Limited time free shipping (USA/CAN/EU).


Jan 2:

USA Back in Stock!

After much anticipation our USA warehouse is finally back in stock in all colors. US orders ship within 1 business day, with limited time FREE courier shipping. Get 'em while they last!


Dec 20:

Shipping update

Our next batch of lacquer, and oak kits arrived yesterday to the port in Seattle.  We expect to receive the goods into our upstate Washington warehouse in a few days and hope to start shipping US preorders this Friday.  As always orders will be filled on a first come first served basis, with every effort to meet or exceed the estimated shipping date communicated at time of purchase. Canadian preorders are on-track to ship in the first week of Jan. International preorders are expected to ship by mid-Jan.


Dec 8:

Launching Down Under.

We're excited to announce our expansion into Australia and New Zealand, bringing good design to wine lovers down under.  Visit STACTwine.com.au for more information.  Press release can be viewed here.


Nov 28:


Something big is happening tomorrow.


Nov 20:

Black is Back!

After months of anticipation, our current batch of Piano Black panels have been perfected and packaged. We are now accepting preorders on this next limited release.

Reserve yours today for early Jan delivery, and receive a FREE upgrade to courier shipping (on all orders to USA/Canada/Europe).  Offer ends Nov 28, or while quantities last.


Oct 25:

Production update

Our next batch of Piano Black panels are nearing completion. Each panel takes more than a week to complete.  The woodworkers and painters take dozens of steps, with meticulous attention to detail. Once numerous coats of lacquer have been applied, each panel is hand buffed to a mirror-like piano finish.

Our dedication to innovation, and quality craftsmanship, ensures that your STACT wine wall system will be enjoyed for years to come.

Here is our next batch of imported European White Oak panels, soon to be assembled and packaged.

Contact us for priority access on the next limited release of Piano Black and White Oak STACT panels.


Aug 29:


SECONDS... is how long it took to sell out on our first release.
We are now releasing our last batch of factory seconds.

From $99.99 each, including delivery within USA/CAN. Get 'em here while they last!


Aug 19:

Shipping update

All pre-orders have shipped!


Aug 9:

Shipping update

Our next batch of lacquer kits arrived yesterday to the port in Seattle.  We expect to receive the goods into our upstate Washington warehouse in a few days and hope to start shipping by next Friday.  As always pre-orders will be filled on a first come first served basis, with every effort to meet or exceed the estimated shipping date communicated at time of purchase.


July 26:

Happy 1st Anniversary STACT.

In tribute to the 1 year anniversary of our Kickstarter launch, Materialicious has posted an interview with STACT founder, Jamie Kasza, on their home page.  Check it out here.


July 5:

Shipping update

Our next production run of lacquer kits has now been completed and are currently being packaged. We expect to receive these in our upstate Washington warehouse by mid-August. Piano Black is now sold out, however we are still accepting pre-orders on Pure White, Electric Orange, and Gunmetal Gray, while quanties last.  

In the meantime we have limited quantities remaining on Walnut, Oak, and Zebrano at our warehouse, available for next-day shipping while they last.


May 25:

Shipping update

Our first full shipment of lacquer kits have just arrived to our Seattle warehouse. It will take 48 hours to receive the inventory into their system, with Monday being a holiday we expect US orders to start shipping Thursday morning.

Canadian orders are expected to start shipping this Friday, as they will require an additional day to move to our Vancouver warehouse where they will be shipping from.

Our goal is to have all orders shipped out by the end of the month, keeping us on track with our last update. :)

If you don't receive an email with your UPS tracking number by EOD next Tuesday, June 4 please email me directly at myorder@getSTACT.com and I will be sure to reply to your email promptly.

Can't wait to have these on your wall! 


May 15:

Shipping update

95% of our international shipments have been delivered. If you live in Europe, Australia, or Asia and haven't received your order yet, you should be within the next couple days. 

All of our North American orders which include lacquer panels are still on track to ship by the end of the month. We expect the shipment to arrive into the Seattle port this Friday. From there it will depend on how long it takes to clear through US customs.  US orders will ship first, from our warehouse in upstate Washington. Canadian orders will ship out a few days later, as they will be moved by truck from Washington to our Vancouver warehouse.  This is so that we can avoid our Canadian customers incurring import duty fees.

We do currently have limited quantities on-hand on Walnut, Zebrano, and White Oak. We offer free next-day shipping within continental North America. Or flat rate discounted shipping through UPS to western Europe.


Apr 28:

Rockin' wine collection

It’s the most amazing feeling of all to get to see and share how you are using STACT in your space. Don’t be shy, take a peek – we have started to post your photos, and from what we’ve seen so far, I must say some of you have quite a spectacular rack indeed.  Keep 'em coming, we'd love to see yours! :)

Here's our current fave: Italian-Dutch rocker, Valerio Recenti Strikes a chord off-stage, showing off his taste for vino in this stunning bohemian-chic pad – this is how Rockstars store their wine!
rockstar wine storage
It’s been over a month since many of you have received your STACT order. Over these past few weeks it’s been such a pleasure to hear how you’re loving your new STACT system.  See for yourself what our customers are saying about STACT. It’s truly humbling to hear words of praise from the chief designer of the original iPod!
For those of you whose order included lacquer panels (other than Gunmetal which had shipped with our first batch), I’m pleased to report that we are on track to have your orders shipped in the 3rd or 4th week of May – exactly where we land within this range will be dependent largely on US Customs.
While currently we are sold out on Electric Orange and Pure White, we do have limited quantities remaining on Piano Black, (hard to find) limited edition Gunmetal Gray, Walnut, White Oak, and Zebrano. If you wish to purchase a color that's currently sold out, please contact us, and we'll notify you once we resume taking pre-orders, for priority access to the next scheduled shipment expected to arrive early July.


Apr 1:

Production update

For those of you who had selected piano lacquer finishes, We're pleased to report that the production of our lacquer panels is now complete. This means we are still on track to ship your order mid/late May!

In the meantime we do have limited quantities remaining on Walnut, White Oak, and Zebrano, with next-day shipping available. :)


Mar 22:

Our First Wave of Customer reviewsstact reviews!

 Check out what our amazing customers are saying about STACT.  We <3 you too!


Mar 15:

Shipping update

We have shipped 99% of all pre-orders from our first shipment! :) So if you ordered any combination of the below colors (Walnut, Zebrano, White Oak, Gunmetal Gray) you should be seeing a shipping notice with UPS tracking # today.  If you opted for local pick up, please keep your eye out for an email tomorrow with details on how to receive your order. 

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please send us your comments to feedback@getSTACT.com.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

If your order included Electric Orange, Piano Black, or Pure White lacquer panels, we are still expecting to ship your order in mid-May.


Mar 12:

Shipping first orders this week!

Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks as we worked through the logistics on our first shipment (consisting of Walnut, Zebrano, White Oak, and a few Gunmetal Gray). As mentioned on the last update, if your order consisted of any combination Walnut, Zebrano, or White Oak, your order will be amongst the first to ship. In addition the majority of the Gunmetal Gray orders will be fulfilled from this first shipment.



The shipment cleared customs a few days ago and will be arriving into our Ferndale, WA warehouse tomorrow. It will take 24 hours for the warehouse to sort, and receive the shipment into their system, so we expect to start frantically fulfilling US orders on Wednesday.  

Canadian and International orders will be fulfilled from our Vancouver warehouse, so these orders should be processed towards the end of this week

If your order consisted of a combination of the above colors, and you have not received an email with your tracking number by next Tuesday, please feel free to email myorder@getSTACT.com for a status update.

This being our very first production run, we discovered that the lacquer panels require much more time to produce than the wood panels, due to an intensive multi-stage preparation and finishing process (something that I wish the factory had been able to tell me at the beginning so I could have set realistic expectations!). Our QC team is determined to ensure that the quality is brought up to level that matches the samples you see below. While I share your disappointment with the delay, I can assure you that your patience will be rewarded with a product that will be absolutely delighted with.


Our wood factory has advised that they expect to have the lacquer panels perfected at the end of this month. They will then take a 4 day trek across the country to undergo final QC, assembly and packaging, which will add another 5 days. Once they are packaged they will be sent to the port, where it can take 3-5 days to wait to be loaded into the next available shipping container, which will begin its 18 day journey across the ocean. Upon arrival into Seattle, it could take up to 5 days to clear customs, and destuffed from the container before its ready to be picked up and transported to our Ferndale, WA warehouse.  So based on this, we are expecting to have shipped the balance of our Kickstarter orders by Mid-May.  Please know that I am pushing relentlessly, if we can do better than this, we will certainly try our best to do so! :)


Mar 4:

Up close and personal

Zebrano looks sexiest when viewed from below. ;)


Mar 2:

Photo shoot in progress..

Our favorite design blog site has confirmed they'll be featuring STACT this month.  In the meantime here's a sneak peek via Instagram.



Mar 1:

First shipment has arrived!

Our first shipment, consisting of Walnut, Zebrano, White Oak, and a few limited edition Gunmetal Gray have arrived at the Seattle Port. By mid-week we'll be receiving these into our Ferndale, WA warehouse, where it will take 24 hours to receive the product into inventory. So are aiming to start shipping US and international orders by Mar 8th. Product will be moved across the border before shipping from our Canadian warehouse for Canadian orders (to save duty), so Canadian orders will start shipping out about 2-3 business days later.

If you ordered piano lacquer (Electric Orange/Pure White/Piano Black), I sincerely appreciate your patience as we perfect your panels. While I regret it's taking longer than hoped, I know that it will pay off when you are 100% delighted with the end result! If you have any questions please contact me at jamie@getSTACT.com, and I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible.


Feb 12:

First installation! - time lapse


HGTV superstar handyman challenge winner, Jordan Macnab dropped by to help with our very first STACT Modular Wine Wall installation. If we can 'pimp' a sorry looking wall like this, imagine how this is going to look in your home!  Oh, and can you tell we had a blast putting these up? ;)

We played with tons of arrangements. I can't wait to see what you do with your STACT system!

Stay tuned for more...


Feb 9:

First look!

The first set of air shipped samples just arrived arrived from the factory.  As mentioned, I'll be posting a full detailed update very soon, once I have received the packing list with confirmation of what has been loaded onto the boat (which is scheduled to leave this Monday).

In the meantime I couldn't wait to crack these open and snap some quick pics, to share a first look!


Front view of the packaging – Peeking out of the window in the front, you can tell there's a Zebra inside waiting to be set free. :)



Here is the instruction manual, and mounting aid.


These are a few of the panel color options. I'll be posting pictures of all seven on the next update.


Here's a close-up of the our most popular finish. The American Black Walnut turned out absolutely beautiful.


Panel rear view – Each panel ships with pre-assembled mounting anchors, and back plates. The anodized finish looks gorgeous. :)



Feb 2:

STACT is packed!

Here are the first batch of STACT units, packed in master cartons and ready to be sent to the port.  Our team as been working around the clock, on final QC, and packing orders in time to catch a cargo ship early next week, before the ports close for Chinese New Year.

Here's a shot of the first packaged unit (showing the top/back). Note that we have changed over to nicer looking round clear stickers to seal the boxes.


Jan 17:

Nice package

Here's a sneak peek of our product packaging, designed by the talented folks at Straydog, in Vancouver.

Love to hear what you think! :)


Jan 9:

Manufacturing Update

I'm pleased to report that production is nearing completion. Within the about a week we'll have the last of the components completed (Yay!). From there they will be shipped to our packaging facility. We expect to have the packaged product loaded into a shipping container and on the ocean by early Feb. It will take about 3 weeks to cross the ocean, clear customs, and receive into our warehouse. So it should be safe to expect for your orders to start leaving our warehouse towards the later part of February.

With the improvements we made to the design, finish quality, and packaging, it has all added up to a higher cost and a longer production time than originally anticipated. I sincerely apologize for the delay, but can assure you that you'll find it well worth the wait.

We are trending to be out of stock on most colors well before we receive our second shipment in late April. So for those who are thinking about either making an order or upgrading your order, pre-ordering at this point will ensure that your order is filled from our first production run.


Dec 18:

Manufacturing Update

As mentioned on the last update, I've been in China from Dec 8-15 to test for fit and finish, and approve the final samples.


Engineered for maximum wine bottle sturdiness.

The back plates were the final component to be fabricated. After a battery of testing we were able to engineer the rod bracket assembly for maximum strength and rigidity, by determining the optimal back plate thickness and hole spacing. (Note: these will be cleaned in an acid bath and anodized this week) 


Next it was time to test for the *exact* hole size to ensure the proper fit for the rods–to ensure maximum rigidity, so even the slightest of bottles (the 2 7/8" diameter Bordeaux variety) are cradled securely in place. This is not as easy as it sounds. Trust me.  It has been this aspect of the design that has tested my sanity the most (please don't ask me to elaborate!).

Measuring the for the optimal hole sizes for the rods requires accounting for the amount of paint that will enter the holes.  This means that that the application of the paint will need to be precisely uniform.  To achieve this, we will need to use a UV painting machine.  Here's one of these bad boys pictured below.


Here is panel with fresh UV-painted base coat. (Note: since we will be painting all the lacquer panels at once, we won't have photos of all of the color panels until the production is complete. Though they will be sure to match the Pantone codes I specified)


Next it was time to test for the optimal hole sizes for the wood panels. The hole size will differ slightly since these will not require a base coat and therefore no overspray to account for inside the holes for these.


With that out of the way, soon it will be time to CNC the holes and apply the clear coat to these wood panels.


You may recall from a previous update, that we have simplified the installation process by creating mounting pins and a mounting aid will ensure the wall brackets are precisely spaced apart and perfectly parallel during installation.

Mounting Pins


The mounting pins are inserted into the keyholes, and then inserted through the mounting aid to fasten the wall brackets together so they can be screwed into the wall, perfectly spaced apart and parallel. (stay tuned, on the next update we'll be showing the mounting aid and instruction manual)


Do try this at home!

Now it was time to test out the installation method.  Success!  As anticipated, the mounting pins and mounting aid worked like a charm, ensuring the wall brackets were precisely the proper distance apart to allow the panels to fit perfectly into place. (Note: for testing purposes, here we are using bare MDF panels


Next, it was 'all hands on deck' to prototype how the box will be engineered. The box will keep the components tight and secure, and ultra compact for easy shipping. Each STACT kit will then be packed in its own cardboard shipper to ensure safe travels. (Note: below is an a hand-made 'work in progress' prototype; prior to finalizing the CAD drawings, which are sent to the box factory for production)


Above is a teaser of our package design. Stay tuned for the full reveal on our next update. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and hope you will be too!

Perfect timing.

Yes, the question that's on everyone's minds.  This trip was very productive, and I feel we achieved everything we needed to.  If there's one thing I hope can be appreciated, it's that perfection takes time (and some love and tenderness). And in turn, I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience in this process. I myself was guilty earlier on of trying to push too hard to get this product into your deserving hands. As the saying goes, 'haste makes waste', which I can attest to.. to the tune of about $19,000 of waste (hence my losing my sanity comment above).

Now that we have the fit and finish tested and finalized, the panel holes will be cut via CNC machine.  Currently the packaging is being produced so that our factory can then begin painting the lacquer panels, as the packaging will be needed to provide a safe resting place between coats (this is something that I became aware of during my visit to the wood factory, and unfortunately will add a couple weeks to our schedule). From there it's takes 3 weeks for the lacquer panel production.  Then all the components are packaged and put onto a shipping container, which will take about 3 weeks to cross the ocean, clear customs, and receive into our warehouse.  In light of this, our goal is to have your order leave our warehouse by mid Feb, though please factor in some buffer time for factors that could arise beyond our control.

Dec 2:

Manufacturing Update

At this point our effort is focused on fit and finish. Within the next 24 hours our engineer and 2 helpers will have audited every single Aluminum part to ensure they pass QC. That's no small task!

Instead of air shipping the final samples, I will be in Asia from Dec 8 to 15 to visit the factories, and to test and approve the samples first-hand.

Most of the components have already been produced at this point. With the backplates for the rod assembly, and the panels being the final parts to be completed, this is to allow for any fine-tuning based on the ALU components testing to ensure proper fit, function and finish. The panels have been cut to size at this point, just waiting on the ALU testing to be completed, to ensure proper fit. Upon my final approval, the panel holes will be cut via CNC, veneered and lacquered. And the back plate holes will be cut, and then anodized.

From the time I give final approval we're looking at about 3 weeks to roll the panels and backplates out, package everything and then 2-3 days to hit the water to leave for North America. From there it’ll be about 3 weeks to cross the ocean, clear customs, and receive into our warehouse. So barring any unforeseen issues we’re still on track for our pre-orders to start shipping from our warehouse in Early Feb.

I'll be posting a detailed update with photos and video from the trip, upon my return. We have the final packaging complete, and will be posting images on the next update, as soon as we approve the final box construction and have final inner box dimensions.

Hope you are pleased with the progress. I myself find it quite surprising how much refinement is required in producing a product with such minimalistic design. We can't wait to get these in your hands and onto your walls, please know that 100% of my attention is on ensuring that the quality meets your highest expectations. 


Nov 12:

Manufacturing Update

Since our last update we've made great progress.  We want STACT to be perfect, and we are almost there.

Anodized to perfection

After several rounds of revisions with aluminum components, we are pleased to report that the anodized finish has reached the high standard that we were hoping for, with a clean and elegant look and feel that we think you'll find to be quite familiar. ;)



The Zebrano texture and color looks amazing, even better than we imagined. Note that the final production wood veneered panels, will be finished on the edges as well as the front (unlike the pre-production sample below). We had intended on showing you the Walnut and White Oak on this update, however please stay tuned for these, as we are working with our wood factory to ensure the finish is just as stunning as the Zebrano.

Below is an early white lacquer sample to give you sneak peek of how these will look, though it's important to note that the final Pure White lacquer will be a brighter white.

As you can see the wall brackets not only serve as the backbone of the STACT system, but they are the subtle highlight that appears between each panel.

Easy installation

When testing the installation we saw an opportunity to improve the process by creating an easy to follow installation template with a special mounting aid.  The mounting aid includes 4 plastic pins which will ensure the wall brackets are precisely spaced apart and perfectly parallel during installation.   The catch is that these pins are going to take ~3 weeks to produce, which means that we are now targeting a late Jan ship date.  We'll be posting the instruction manual, and images of the mounting aid and mounting pins very soon, so be sure to check back.
The decision to push back our ship date by a few weeks wasn't one that we wanted to have to make.  However, we hope that you will agree with us that a few extra weeks will be worth it, for a product that you will love and enjoy for a lifetime.
Thanks for backing us we couldn't have done this without you!
Oct 30:

Hey Zebra, time to show your true stripes!


Many of you sexy wine lovers have asked for a closer look at our coveted exotic Zebrano wood finish.   

Here is photo from the factory of a *pre-production* sample.. to show you what the zebra looks like.  We plan on sharing more photos once set of each of the wood samples here in Vancouver in a few weeks.   The painted take longer as it's a multi-stage process, so time is required for each coat of lacquer to cure before applying the next.  Stay tuned...

So, what do you think?? Post your comment on our Facebook page, where you can also win a FREE STACT kit!


Oct 25:

'Clockwork' Orange

Many of you have asked what the Electric Orange will look like with the piano lacquered finish, which our manufacturing team is working around-the-clock at the moment to get these panels just right. 
At the moment we have only rough video from the factory of the pre-production samples, below is an image taken from that video to give you a better idea of the colour.  But this will vary based on your monitor settings.
So what I recommend is checking the colour in a Pantone book (the code is 1655C) 
ie. Looking at the panel pictured below, you'll notice the cuts aren't perfect, as this is an early sample before the CNC has set up. That is all set up now, with production already started, but since the lacquering is a multi-stage process we may not have photos of what the final production panels will look like towards the end of the production cycle.  Stay tuned.. 
Oct 18:

Color swatches 

We are pleased to release photos from the factory of the actual wood veneer samples we’re using. Keep in mind that since wood is a natural product, the texture will vary to some degree. For the piano lacquer, we’re using Pantone 1655C, and 444C for the electric orange, and gunmetal gray respectively.  Got a fav color, or planning on creating a killer color combination? Let us know by casting your vote, or sharing your ideas here. :)

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    Chris on
  • Love the look and uniqueness!!! Where do I order???

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  • Love that Zebra wood, the electric wood & white! So nice of you to share all the details of the trials and tribulations of this fun project!

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