Wine racks that fit your unique style and décor, with a variety of space-saving STACT wine storage panels to choose from.

If Steinway & Sons made wine racks they'd probably look like this. Fortunately they didn't have to... (2x3 panels, Piano Black)

kitchen interior design - wine rack storageElegantly showcase wine in the modern kitchen. (12 panels, Pure White)

Modern wine cellars belong in the kitchen. Not hidden in a dark cave. (44 panels, Walnut)  Credit: Onyx

Is it a wine rack? Or is it wall art? (2x3 panels, Electric Orange & Pure White)

Traditional meets modern in the wine cellar. (6x5 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Add some bling to the home wetbar with a gorgeous glass-enclosed wine cellar. (5x6 panels, Piano Black)

STACT, stocked, and chalked. (left: 1x3 panels, Piano Black / right: 1x2 panels, Pure White)

(3x4 panels, Pure White)

Raising glasses & dropping beats with Lubis Production, Aarus Denmark. (1x2 panels, Walnut)

wall storage design solutionsMake them green with envy. (1x4 panels, Piano Black)

Bottoms up! (Piano Black) Credit: Eve Debuc

Modern wine cellars belong in the kitchen. Not hidden in a dark cave. (STACT custom glass cellar, Pure White)

Wine storage is a reflection of one's self. (STACT custom mirror finish)

Blurring the lines between wine racks and modern art. (6 panels, Piano Black & Electric Orange)

Italian-Dutch rocker Valerio Recenti strikes a chord off-stage expressing his taste for vino in his bohemian-chic pad. (1x6 panels, Walnut & Oak)

Complete your dream kitchen with a STACT wine cellar. (42 panels, Pure White)

Add some paradise to your kitchen island, with a STACT custom glass wine cellar.  Design by Espace ID for Gorup Signature

Premium furniture-grade American black walnut and pure white high-gloss lacquer.

Put the collection on display in the private wine tasting room. (10x5 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Elegant private wine lounge. (7x5 panels, Walnut)  Credit: Hyatt Hotels, Chicago.

Wine storage that's out of this world. (2x2 panels, Walnut)

STACT is at home, in the danish home - Copenhagen, Denmark. (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

scandi interior design - wine rack wall storageThe 'man alcove' – a wife-friendly solution to the man cave. Floor-to-ceiling wine rack (1x8 panels, Electric Orange)

wine rack design for modern interior decor Iconic design for your wine. (5x3 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

Rethink wine storage. Decorate your walls with wine. (4x2 panels, Piano Black, Pure White, Zebrano, Oak, Electric Orange, Walnut)

mid-century design wine racksMinimalist design meets wine. (1x4 panels, Walnut)

A wine rack for the mid-century modern home. (2x4 panels, Walnut)

restaurant wine racks Wine walls make a stunning display in modern wine lounges and restaurants. (96 panels, Piano Black)

wall mounted wine rack
Who needs a room divider, when you have a wine wall? A cool and functional way to divide your living space. (1x7 panels, Walnut)

Rock out, with your cork out. (Piano Black)

lacquer wine racks Vintage design elements make an elegant wine pairing in the home. (4x2 panels, Pure White)

modular wine racks for the man caveWine storage in the man cave. (5x3 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Infinitely expandable.


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