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Wine racks inspired by you.

Mix & match STACT wine racks to create your own unique look:

dining room wine rackElle Decor (L-type Series 2 + C-type, Walnut, Gunmetal Gray, Pure White, and Piano Black)

designer wine racksElle Decor (WhiteOut, L-type Series 2 + Whiteout, C-type)

wine storage for modern dining rooms - jordan iverson custom homesJordan Iverson - HGTV's award-winning builder (1x3 panels, Piano Black & Electric Orange) Credit: Kuda Photography

ramsin khachi kitchen wine wall displayRamsin Khachi - Marilyn Denis Show Interior Designer (3x6 panels, BlackOut)

wijnrek wandmontage luxe design amsterdam Nederland Concrete Copper & Wood Interior Design - Perth, Australia (3x2 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

modern label wine display peg rackingTed S. - Manhattan Beach, CA (Piano Black, C-type + Pure White, L-type Series 2)

modern wine rack designEdith - Vienna, Austria (3x2 panels, Pure White)

home bar wine storage racksMike & Veronica - San Francisco, CA (2x3 panels, Gray Oak & Pure White)

Cohen Developments of Beverly Hills, CA (6x4 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

iverson homes - eugene ORJordan Iverson Signature Homes - Eugene, OR (4x1 panels, Pure White & Piano Black) Credit: Kuda Photography

rustic modern home designCaty & Chris - Lake Forest, CA (4x4 panels Gray Oak)

wine wall display in dubaiDanna - Dubai, UAE (2x4 panels, Walnut)

rustic modern wine rackLone - Copenhagen, Denmark (4x1 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

cool home bar designClaire Jefford Designs - Burlington, Ontario (2x3 panels, Pure White)

scandinavian interiorsEric - Budapest, Hungary (1x4 panels, Gray Oak & Electric Orange)

home wine bar in portlandPahlisch Homes - Portland, OR (5x4 panels, Piano Black)

oak wine rack stocked with Napa CabJosé - Irvine, CA (1x4 panels, Oak)

Kyla - New York, NY (1x2 panels, Pure White)

corner wine cellarElie - Hollywood, CA (4x4 panels, Piano Black)

@adesignerseye - Brooklyn, NY (2x5 panels, Walnut)

custom kitchen wine racking@eekolife - Vancouver, Canada (1x4 panels, Pure White)

rustic modern dining room wine storageAaron S. - Sudbury, Canada (6x1 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

label-out wine racks mounted on bricksl'abattoir wine rackL'ABATTOIR - Vancouver, Canada (7x5 panels, BlackOut)

scandinavian home interior designPaul & Emily - Vancouver, Canada (2x1 panels, Pure White)

label-out wine storage wallAGeorgio Lifestyle - Windsor, Canada (3x7 panels, Gray Oak)

creative stylish wine storage designEmanualla - Sydney, Australia (2x6 panels, Electric Orange, Gray Oak, Oak, BlackOut, Zebrano)

industrial chic wine storageSam - Charleston, WV (1x8 panels - Zebrano & Electric Orange)

h5 architecture - winnipeg canada modern homesH5 Architecture - Winnipeg, Canada (1x4 panels, Pure White)

modern wine cellar design - Drummoyne NSW AustraliaMinosa Designs - Sydney, Australia (8x6 panels, BlackOut)

wine and bike storage displayMr. Z' - San Francisco, CA (40 panels, Piano Black & Electric Orange)

Hyatt Hotels - Chicago, IL (7x5 panels, Walnut)

wine bottle label display racks for home(2x4 L-type panels, Gray Oak & Pure White) Credit: Wine Racks America

sonoma wine tasting roomSonoma wine tasting room (14 panels, Zebrano) Courtesy of Damon M Photography

Troy - Bakersfield, CA (3x1 panels, Gunmetal, Pure White, Electric Orange)

cocktail kitchen dubaiCocktail Kitchen - Dubai (7x8 panels, BlackOut)

rustic modern wine racksRob - Ridderkerk, Netherlands (4x3 panels Walnut & Pure White)

under the stairs wine storageHilde L. - Ålesund, Norway (6 panels, Oak & Pure White)

modern home bar with built-in wine storage cabinetsKevin T. - Montreal, Canada (8 panels, Pure White)

glass enclosed wine cellar at fogo de chao restaurantFogo de Chão Restaurant - Naperville, IL (117 panels, Gray Oak)

STACT wine rack australiaBrisbane, Australia (2x5 panels, Zebrano & Electric Orange)

wine storage rack for scandinavian home interior design
Valerio - Den Haag, Netherlands (1x6 panels, Walnut & Oak)

Toronto, Canada (11x5 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange) by Artstall

home bar wine rack Boulder, CO (3x1, Walnut & Pure White) Credit: Greg Christman / Buttercup Design & Shutze Studio

kitchen wine storage ideasKlaus - Sydney, Australia (1x6, Gray Oak)

winjrek moderne STACTKarin - Horsens, Denmark (2x2 panels, Gray Oak & Citrus Green)

marble wine cellarCalgary, Canada (20 panels, Pure White)  Credit: Aly Velji Designs

citrus green wine racksLeticia H. - Saltillo, Mexico (1x3 panels, Citrus Green)

kitchen wine storageReza S. - Vancouver Canada (1x2 panels, Gray Oak)

4101 loganberry dr san jose, californiaAkimax Real Estate - San Jose, CA (4x2 panels, Gray Oak & Electric Orange)

buckhead condos atlanta ga - instinctive designsInstinctive Designs - Buckhead Grand Condos Atlanta, GA (2x2, Gray Oak & Pure White)

wine roomJenny C. - Sydney, Australia (14 panels, Pure White)

home bar with stemware and bottle storage rackinghome bar storageSan Diego, CA (1x4 panels, Walnut)  Credit: Christopher Lee Interior Design

wine racks for small spacesMauricio - El Paso, TX (4x1 panels, Zebrano)

built-in wine storage display for kitchenWalker's Run Wines - McLaren Vale, Australia (2x6 panels, Piano Black)

modern kitchen wine storageStephen - Belfast, Ireland (1x9 panels, Gunmetal Gray & Citrus Green)

home bar wine storage - napa valley californiaDolce Design Group - Yorba Linda, CA (2x2 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)

art wine racksJannick - Berlin, Germany (4 panels, Electric Orange & Walnut)

stylish storage design for home barsGrant - London, UK (1x7 panels, Gunmetal Gray)

Darrell - Dallas, TX (3x7 panels, Zebrano & Electric Orange)

wine racks for winery tasting roomDaniel - Odense, DK (2x3 panels, Walnut)

rustic eclectic modern wine display nookAdam T. - Nottingham, UK (2x3 panels - Pure White, Electric Orange, Zebrano & Piano Black)

Philip - Copenhagen, Denmark (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

stylish wine racks for wine roomRik - Oranjestad, Aruba (116 panels, Pure White & Gunmetal)

rustic kitchen wine storage racksvintage modern dining room wine storageMelina Ferrari - London, UK (2x3 panels, Pure White)

wine display at romano's restaurant and bar - woodbridge, onRomano's Restaurant - Toronto, Canada (12 panels, Piano Black)

bespoke wine racks in london UKMythili - London, UK (3x2 panels, Oak & Gunmetal)

pretty wine racks for the wallOslo, Norway (1x4 panels, Oak & Electric Orange)

Karron & Steve - Melbourne, Australia (2x4 panels, Piano Black)

multi-colored wine display rackJim - Denver, CO (2x5 panels, Gunmetal, Pure White, Electric Orange)

premium metal peg wine display racks for wine cellars Naples, FL (4x10 panels, Gray Oak) Courtesy of Dr. J

wine holders for the wall in dining roomAK - Vancouver, BC (4 panels, Piano Black)

jacobsen building - intracorp vancouver'The Jacobsen' - Vancouver, BC (1x7 panels Walnut & Gunmetal Gray) Credit: Stone Photo

modern wine room with glass arched doorCheri F. - Frisco, TX (6x6 panels, Piano Black)

modern kitchen wine storageDavid S. - Lexington, TN (3x2, Piano Black & Citrus Green)

home bar wine storage racks with wood wallHenry M. - Richmond, BC (3x3 panels, Piano Black)

home bar with glass walled wine cellarJenny - Fargo, ND (2x5 panels, Pure White)

under stairs wine storageKylie Sargent Design - Geelong, Australia (10 panels, Oak, Pure WhiteGunmetal Gray)

wine racks europeMarianne - Den Hooorn, Netherlands (1x5 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)

scandi home wine storageScandinavian home (22 panels, Pure White)

Le Restaurant Ti’Bistro - Cesson, France (8 panels, Zebrano)

scandinavian modern kitchen wine storage wall(2x1 panels) - Pure White) via STACT Scandinavia

Kaya & Nancy - Vancouver, Canada (1x6 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange 

wine cellar with kitchen windowAlessandra - Venice, Italy (21 panels, Pure White)

grey wine wall inside glass cellarPenobscot Place - Franklin Lakes, NJ (32 panels, Gunmetal Gray)

modern wine room in bellevue, waBlakemore Construction - Bellevue, WA (70 panels, Walnut, Electric Orange & Pure White)

Fabio - Casarano, Italy (1x3 panels, Walnut)

DIY home wine tasting barSteve - Tampa, FL (4x1 panels, Walnut)

nice wine rack for homeLisa - Silkeborg, Denmark (1x5 panels, Zebrano)

wine panelsSara & Christine - Vancouver, Canada (8 panels, Gray Oak & Pure White)

wall mounted wine racks in dining room - gloss whiteOriana - Dublin, Ireland (5x1 panels, Pure White)

wall wine rack in new york - black lacquer Mary-Kate - Manhattan, NY (1x2 panels, Piano Black)

The Art House - Jersey City, NJ (5x3 panels, Walnut)

peg wine rackJoanne B. - Halifax, Canada (3x1 panels, Gunmetal Gray & Citrus Green)

wetbarCity Diggers Social Club - Wollongong, Australia (2x2 panels, Gunmetal & Electric Orange)

luxury wine cellar in CaliforniaSugarloaf Residence - Tiburon, CA (189 panels, Walnut)

reclaimed wood wall wine racksKatie & Jordan - Vancouver, BC (1x4 panels, Piano Black)

Jamie - Vancouver, Canada (1x7 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

contemporary modern dining room wine storagewalnut wine rackJos - Zeeland, Netherlands (1x2 panels, Walnut)

Anders - Aarhus, Denmark (2x1 panels, Oak)

East Hamptons, NY - (4x7 panels, Piano Black)  Credit: Paramount Custom Homes

Laura & Phil - Singer Island, FL (3x7 panels, Gunmetal)

russet place west vancouver Martis Camp - Truckee, CA (7x3 panels, Walnut) Design by Blaze Makoid Architects

Clyde - Laguna Niguel, CA (5x6 panels, Piano Black)

wine tasting roomThe Tasting Room - New Orleans, LA (4x3 panels, Walnut)

Robert - San Francisco, CA (2x2 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Diana - London, ON (3x4 panels, Pure White)

Kat & Dan - Vancouver, Canada (1x4 panels, Gray Oak & Pure White)

Chris - Vancouver, BC (1x7 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Cullen - Boston, MA - 3x2 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

Christian - Oslo, Norway (2x6 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Gioia - Milan, Italy (1x2 panels, Pure White)

dinning room wine display shelfRyan - Toronto, Canada (4x3 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)

London, UK (4x2 panels, Walnut)  Credit:

tempora restaurant - marbella spainTempora Restaurant - Marbella, Spain (2x7 panels, Walnut)

black gloss wine racksThomas - Copenhagen, Denmark (1x3 panels, Piano Black)

luxury wine cellar with glass wallglass wine roomParadise Valley, AZ (56 panels, Piano Black) Credit:

Marty - Vernon, Canada (3x4 panels, Gunmetal)

@Jince1 (2x5 panels, Pure White)

glass wine cellar in floridaGlass Wine Cellar - Sarasota, FL (44 panels, Walnut) Credit: Onyx Development Group

Lubis Production - Aarhus, Denmark (1x2 panels, Walnut)

Els - Goirle, Netherlands (3x2 panels, Walnut)

contemporary home wine racksCarlo & Christina - St. Catharines, Canada (2x2 panels, BlackOut)

wine wall display in home barDr. C - Center Valley, PA (30 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Silicon Valley, CA (16 panels, Pure White)  Credit: Shea Homes / CDC Design

Sarah & Graham - Vancouver, BC (1x6 panels, Oak)

Mingos - Orlando, FL (3x12 panels, Walnut)

David - Vancouver, Canada (2x3 panels, Electric Orange & Pure White)

exposed brick wall with wall mounted wineracks in London UKAngelie - London, UK (4x1 panels, Pure White)

Russet Residence - West Vancouver, BC (7x8 panels, Pure White)  Credit: Splyce

Mike - Osoyoos, BC (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Megan - Vancouver, BC (6 panels, Walnut)

Revel Global Events - Chicago, IL (1,000 bottle wine cave, Zebrano)

Siri - Nærbø, Norway (1x4 panels, Pure White)

wine cellar display racking with custom wooden shelfCapital Cellars - Ottawa, ON (3x5 panels, Walnut)

Al - Philadelphia, PA (20 panels, OakElectric Orange & Piano Black)

Joyce - New York, NY (1x2 panels, Electric Orange)

Simon - Livonia, MI (1x4 panels, Zebrano)

dining room wine racksChris - Niagra Falls, NY (2x4 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

Catherine - Copenhagen, Denmark (2x2 panels, Pure White)

Nicola & Bob - Sydney, Australia (6x2 panels, Walnut &  Pure White)

Gareth - Danville, CA (2x3 panels, Piano Black)

Sarah - Bruges, Belgium (1x4 panels, Pure White)

Doron - Tel Aviv, Israel (4x1 panels, Pure White)

Matt - Atlanta, GA (3x2 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Jackie - Calgary, Canada (1x2 panels, Walnut)

ramsin khachi wine rack on marilyn denis showRamsin Khachi - Celebrity interior designer of The Marilyn Denis Show (3x6 panels, BlackOut)

Mark - San Antonio, TX (1x4 panels,  Walnut )

John - San Francisco, CA (6x5 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

Bruce - San Francisco, CA (5x1 panels, Piano Black)

Aram - Los Angeles, CA (1x4 panels, Zebrano & Electric Orange)

Dana - Keller, TX (5x1 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Ian - Winnipeg, Canada (1x5 panels, Pure White)

Tessa - Hartford, CT (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Glass House - Orwigsburg, PA (42 panels, Pure White)

wine bar in price show homeHSC Grand Prize Show Home - Winnipeg, Canada (10x1 panels, Walnut & Pure White) Design by Meric Homes

Anthony - Las Vegas, NV (4x6 panels, Piano Black)

Stefano - London, UK (1x6 panels, Walnut & Gunmetal)

Glass Floor Wine Cellar - Little Rock, AR (20 panels, Walnut) Design by Table Setters

Rod - Dallas, TX (1x2 panels, Pure White)

Doug - Chicago, IL (35 panels, Oak, Electric Orange & Pure White)

Brian - Chicago, IL (12 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)

Hannah & Peter - Adelaide, Australia (4x4 panels, Pure White & Gunmetal)

Julie - Lake Oswego, OR (1x6 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)

dining room wine storage rackingTracy & Greg - Vancouver, BC (6 panels, Gunmetal & Zebrano)

Chris - Santa Clara, CA (1x5 panels, Piano Black)
Alexandre - Paris, France (2x4 panels, Pure White)
modern wine room with zebrano wine racksSherry S.  - Dallas, TX (4x5 panels, Zebrano)
expandable wine rack wallAli - Vancouver, BC (24 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

John - Toronto, Canada (1x5 panels, Walnut)

Georgina - Sydney, Australia (1x7 panels, Pure White)

Coleman - Round Rock, TX (1x4 panels, Walnut)

Trend Kitchen - Indian Harbour Beach, FL (33 panels, Pure White & Electric Orange)

orange and zebrano wine racks@123bluejumper - Melbourne, Australia (3x3 panels, Zebrano & Electric Orange)

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  • Hi I am opening a restaurant and i’d like to build a wine locker area 29’ long x 8’ high. I have a rendering of what I am looking for if there is a way of sending it.

    Miranda on
  • Is there instructions of how to start this racks cause I’m so in love with it! Where to get the parts, I mean specially the stacts?

    Ana on
  • We used 6 piano black STACTs above our wetbar, and it looks amazing. Thanks!

    Phil Cohen on
  • My husband and I installed our STACT display about a month ago, and we love it more and more every day! It is more like a beautiful piece of furniture than a wine rack. We have entertained three out of the four last weekends, and every guest we have had has absolutely loved it as well. I cannot say enough complimentary things; everything from the packaging to the SUPER easy installation instructions to the customer service has been phenomenal! Thanks, Jamie!!! Your product is AWESOME :)

    Rachael Meisterburg on

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