Wine Storage Inspiration Gallery

Mix & match STACT wine racks to create your own unique look:

ramsin khachi kitchen wine wall displayRamsin Khachi Interior Designer via Marilyn Denis Show (3x6 panels, BlackOut)

wine pantryPantry wine storage (2x4 panels, White & Gold) via @citymomgoessouth

wine wall art displayLED backlit wine wall display (20 panels, Walnut)

back lit wine wall displayNovero Custom Homes (2x2 panels, BlackOut)

modern home wine storage displayModern wine alcove (16 panels, Concrete & Black)

burled wood and gold wine cabinet display nookBuilt-in wine nook / display cabinet (20 panels, Burl & Gold)

peg and panel wine displayKitchen wine wall display | Bruges, Belgium (L-type, Gray Oak)

wine display for tasting roomTasting room wine wall display (84 panels, Pure White)

home bar built-in wine display with LED backlightingHome bar with built-in LED back-lit wine displays (8 panels, Concrete & Gold)

luxury wine roomWine room with versatile storage display (36 panels, BlackOut)

built-in cabinet wine display Minimalist wine storage | Gemma R. - Chicago, IL (10 panels, WhiteOut)

wine nook with wood panel and metal peg racks on black marble Black on black marble wine nook by Bobby Berk (3x3 Birch & Black panels)

modern wine rack designEdith - Vienna, Austria (3x2 panels, Pure White)

florida kitchen wine storageLakewood Homes - Sarasota, FL (3x4 panels, Oak)

creative stylish wine storage designColorful wine wall display | Emanualla - Sydney, Australia (2x6 panels, Electric Orange, Gray Oak, Oak, BlackOut, Zebrano)

home bar wine storage racksMike & Veronica - San Francisco, CA (2x3 panels, Gray Oak & Pure White)

wine peg wall display - toronto canadaHome wine storage wall | JC M. - Toronto, Canada (4x2 panels, Pure White)

hanging wine rack with shelfWine display (2x3 STACT Pro panels, Space Gray)

dining room wine rackElegant home wine storage solutions (L-type & C-type, Walnut, Gunmetal Gray, Pure White, Piano Black) via Elle Decor

modern home wine racksModern home wine rack (1x6 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

wine closetCloset wine storage (2x4, Concrete & Black)

label-out metal wine rackingLabel-out wine wall display | Scott A. - Orlando, FL (8x6 BlackOut panels)

modern home wall storage ideasMulti-functional wine display, Scandinavian style (5x6 STACT Pro panels, Silver) via House Beautiful magazine

metal peg wall wine storage rackingWine nook - Copenhagen, Denmark (3x6 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

designer wine racksModern wine wall displays (L-type & C-type, Whiteout) via Elle Decor

peg wine wall displayWine wall display, mid-century modern style (2x3 panels, Gunmetal Gray) via Scott S. - Palm Springs

wine / stemware rackKitchen wine / stemware rack (3 panels, Silver)

metal peg and panel wine wallWine display wall (2x4 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

wall mounted wine storage display in the loftUnique loft wine storage display (3x5 STACT Pro panels, Space Gray)

rustic modern home designCaty & Chris - Lake Forest, CA (4x4 panels Gray Oak)

wine storage for modern dining rooms - jordan iverson custom homesJordan Iverson - HGTV's award-winning builder (1x3 panels, Piano Black & Electric Orange) Credit: Kuda Photography

STACT Pro - modular wall storage systemFresh Jive x Dee Balz (4x3 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

under stairs wine storageUnder the stairs wine storage (18 panels, Concrete & Gold)

LED backlit wine racks in cornerLED back-lit corner wine display (18 panels, Walnut)

home wine bar storage nookBuilt-in kitchen wine nook | Ricardo A. - Virginia Beach, VA (2x4 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

kitchen wine displayKitchen wine display (5x8 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut) via House Beautiful magazine

wine storage rack for scandinavian home interior designVertical cork-out wine storage display - Amsterdam, Netherlands (1x6 panels, Oak & Walnut.

scandinavian interiorsEric - Budapest, Hungary (1x4 panels, Gray Oak & Electric Orange)

flexible stylish wall wine racksFlexible, stylish label view wine racks (4x1 panels, Walnut, Pure White, Gunmetal Gray)

wall bar shelf and bottle rackingHome bar wall shelves & racking (3x2 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

rustic wood and metal wine storage displayRustic modern wine storage (14 panels, Birch & Black)

Minotti cucine - modern kitchen wine cellar designKitchen wine cellar display - Minotti Cucine (7x7 STACT Pro panels, BlackOut)

pegged wall wine storage panelsHenry - White Rock, BC (30 panels, Piano Black)

wijnrek wandmontage luxe design amsterdam Nederland Concrete Copper & Wood Interior Design - Perth, Australia (3x2 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

decorative wine storageChristina V. - Montclair, CA (4x2 panels L-type & C-type - Walnut, Gunmetal Gray, Pure White, and Piano Black)

iverson homes - eugene ORJordan Iverson Signature Homes - Eugene, OR (4x1 panels, Pure White & Piano Black) Credit: Kuda Photography

wine wall display in dubaiDanna - Dubai, UAE (2x4 panels, Walnut)

kitchen wine storage ideasKlaus - Sydney, Australia (1x6, Gray Oak)

rustic modern wine rackLone - Copenhagen, Denmark (4x1 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

cool home bar designClaire Jefford Designs - Burlington, Ontario (2x3 panels, Pure White)

modern label wine display peg rackingTed S. - Manhattan Beach, CA (C-type & L-type - Piano Black, Pure White)

home wine bar in portlandPahlisch Homes - Portland, OR (5x4 panels, Piano Black)

oak wine rack stocked with Napa CabJosé - Irvine, CA (1x4 panels, Oak)

Kyla - New York, NY (1x2 panels, Pure White)

@adesignerseye - Brooklyn, NY (2x5 panels, Walnut)

modern wine display in italyPiergiorgio F. - Genova, Italy (L-type + C-type, Walnut, Gunmetal Gray, Pure White, and Piano Black)

custom kitchen wine racking@eekolife - Vancouver, Canada (1x4 panels, Pure White)

rustic modern dining room wine storageAaron S. - Sudbury, Canada (6x1 panels, Walnut & Pure White)

metal wine peg display wallLabel-out wine display wall (6x4 STACT Pro L-type, BlackOut)

industrial chic wine storageSam - Charleston, WV (1x8 panels - Zebrano & Electric Orange)

h5 architecture - winnipeg canada modern homesH5 Architecture - Winnipeg, Canada (1x4 panels, Pure White)

modern wine cellar design - Drummoyne NSW AustraliaMinosa Designs - Sydney, Australia (8x6 panels, BlackOut)

sonoma wine tasting roomSonoma wine tasting room (14 panels, Zebrano) Courtesy of Damon M Photography

rustic modern wine racksRob - Ridderkerk, Netherlands (4x3 panels Walnut & Pure White)

under the stairs wine storageHilde L. - Ålesund, Norway (6 panels, Oak & Pure White)

Philip - Copenhagen, Denmark (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

modern wine pegs1x6 panels (Walnut, Piano Black & Gunmetal Gray)

stylish wine racks for wine roomRik - Oranjestad, Aruba (116 panels, Pure White & Gunmetal)

rustic kitchen wine storage racksvintage modern dining room wine storageMelina Ferrari - London, UK (2x3 panels, Pure White)


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  • How do I get LED lighting installed behind the STACT wine rack? What lighting brand does your customers use in your photo gallery?

    Ken Cheng on
  • Where is the company ? Do You speak french ?

    Jean pierre Grégoire on
  • Nice product how can I get this product and how much? Thanks

    Bill Cyca on
  • Do you have Contractor/Designer pricing?

    Thank you,
    LeighAnn Odle
    Odle Construction
    Manhattan Beach, CA

    LeighAnn Odle/Odle Construction on
  • Hi I am opening a restaurant and i’d like to build a wine locker area 29’ long x 8’ high. I have a rendering of what I am looking for if there is a way of sending it.

    Miranda on

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