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Wine racks reinvented for modern living.

Decorate your walls with wine.

Cork-out storage for maximum capacity.

wine racks - cork-out


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STACT C-type wine rack dimensions


Showcase your favorite bottles, label-out.

Label-out wine racks


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STACT L-type Series 2 wine rack dimensions


Glass enclosed wine cellars.

Add some stellar to your cellar.

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Home wine storage.

Stock up in style.

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Restaurant wine displays.

Fit more wine into any design.


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Created in San Francisco by noted ICFF winning designer, Eric Pfeiffer, STACT wine racks combine the warmth and richness of fine handcrafted furniture, with the refinement and durability of precision-machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. STACT's patented system comes ready-to-install right out of the box, eliminating the hassle, frustration, and added costs typically associated with designing a custom wine rack using crude 'rods', 'pins' or 'pegs'.

Best of all you can mix and match an array of premium finish options, while combining C-type (cork-out) and L-type (label-out) wine racks to create a unique wine wall design, with the possibility of expanding and adapting as your wine collection grows over time. Whether tucked underground, or front and center in the kitchen within a glass-enclosed wine cellar, building an elegant one-of-a-kind wine cellar is now easier than ever before with STACT wine racks.